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At Highline Transmission, we know how important it is to have a trustworthy mechanic on your side. In fact, over the past 15 years this is exactly how we have built our name. We treat every single customer with the same respect and courtesy in the hopes that they will go home and tell their friends and family about us. We have been in your shoes before, and therefore try our best to make each visit as smooth and painless as possible.
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Transmission Service Special

$79.99 replacement, refill, and inspection

Comprehensive External Check

FREE Comprehensive transmission inspection

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Family Owned Trustworthy Mechanics

Located in the former A.J. Transmission location, we continue to offer the same high quality, no-nonsense transmission diagnosis and repair that residents of Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe and Chandler have enjoyed for over 30 years. We understand that our reputation and customers are our most valuable assets and pledge to always do the "right thing" to protect them. That means our shop promises to diagnose your transmission and related problems in an honest, efficient and expert manner. Our shop strives to provide prompt and courteous service to all who visit our automatic transmission repair center in the hope that you will return when you need transmission related work and refer your friends.

While we do promise to maintain your Import or American vehicle to the utmost standards, we hope that you will see what truly sets us apart from others – Our no nonsense experience, attention to detail, and underlying goal for continuous improvement.

Transmission Repair Specials

Every day, your transmission works hard to keep you and your car on the go. Know what works just as hard? The fluid that lubricates all of the transmission’s moving parts. Over time, that fluid may get contaminated or lose the ability to keep your transmission performing at its peak. Your vehicle’s manufacturer is aware of this fact. So, they recommend getting your transmission flushed and a transmission fluid changed at specified maintenance intervals. This keeps your car running better, longer. The interval should be listed in your owner’s manual but if you are unsure just give us a call and we will ascertain the proper interval for YOUR vehicle from our database.

Transmission service special (most vehicles) includes:

Remove pan, inspect and drain fluid
Install new filter (where required)
Install new pan gasket
Refill with new fluid
Adjust (where necessary) External Transmission Linkages
Inspect Driveshaft(s) and U-Joints
Inspect Transmission and Engine Mounts
$79.99 + tax

Free Comprehensive External Check

We offer a free but comprehensive approach to determining your transmission or drive train problem; including: Check Fluid Level, Road Test, Perform an Engine Operation Test – may include use of our state-of-the-art electronic transmission scanner, Check Axles, CV Joints, Boots and Other Potential Failures, Check Transmission and Engine Mounts, Inspect for Leaks or Seeps, Check all Linkages, and more. Yes – all of this is FREE!
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